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theAgency. was established in 1996 as an independent gallery with a programmatic  and curatorial approach from the outset. In 2001 the gallery won 1st Prize at Art Basel Statements. The gallery continued its focus on curated exhibitions with a keen interest in global and socio-political art strategies. Through extensive experience in working with contemporary art production, theAgency has become a multi-dimensional platform with longterm sustainability. In order to serve the continued advancement of visual culture taking considered risks with young positions, ephemeral artforms and curatorial experimentation are core competencies.

TodaytheAgency. no longer acknowledges boundaries between commercial and museal strategies in art. In order to progressively engage with transmedial art the gallery pursues an open approach where each contextual situation demands appropriate frameworks and responses. The gallery works with artists of all genres and regularly includes historical works and archives often in collaboration with a wide range of artists and institutions.

theAgency. is renowned for realising London premieres or early shows with artists such as Douglas Gordon, Zoe Leonard, Ken Lum, Thaddeus Strode and Peter Zimmermann as well as more historical positions by Mary Beth Edelson (* 1933), Paul McCarthy (* 1945), Theresa Hak Kyung Cha (* 1951-82), Franco Vaccari (* 1935) and Man Ray 1890 -1976).

theAgency does not accept unsolicited material for exhibitions.

Nooshin Farhid ( Iran), Red Leaves No Residue, 2014, digital video, single screen 30 mins


Zoe Leonard, Installation Views, the Agency, 2002


Jukebox, Installation View, Graham Gussin and Douglas Gordon, 1996





the Agency.
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Wed-Sat 11 am - 6pm and by appt.

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