the Agency.




Douglas Gordon and Graham Gussin, Jukebox, the Agency 1995

Strange Days feat. a/o. Art Club 2000,Glenn Brown, Julia Scher, 1996

The Enigma of William Tell, Dallaz Seitz, Steve Bishop, AnneKarin Furunes, the Agency 2008

Theresa Hak Kyung Cha (1951-82): a portrait in fragments, 2013

Declan Clarke, Group Portrait with Explosives, filmstill,UN-SPEAK, CCA Lagos, Nigeria, 2015

Anna Genger, the Agency 2016

Ruth Barker, the Agency 2016

Helena Hamilton, the Agency 2016

Franco Vaccari,"Esposizione in Tempo Reale N.7, Mito Istantaneo", 1974
Franco Vaccari and Ariel Reichman, the Agency 2016









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Weds-Sat 11-6pm

theAgency. was established 1996 in London as an independent gallery with a programmatic and curatorial approach from the outset. In 2001 the gallery won 1st Prize at Art Basel Statements with Scottish artist Ross Sinclair.The gallery is renowned for realising London premieres or early shows with artists such as Douglas Gordon, Zoe Leonard, Ken Lum, Paul McCarthy, Thaddeus Strode and Peter Zimmermann and historical positions by Mary Beth Edelson (* 1933), Paul McCarthy (* 1945), Theresa Hak Kyung Cha (* 1951-82), Franco Vaccari (* 1935), Man Ray (1890 -1976).

Today theAgency. no longer acknowledges boundaries between commercial and museal strategies in art. In order to progressively engage with transmedial and transnational art the gallery pursues an open approach where each contextual situation demands appropriate frameworks and responses. The gallery works with artists of all genres and regularly includes historical works and archives often in collaboration with a wide range of artists and institutions.

theAgency. is a slow programming and longterm sustainable space with focus on global and socio-political art strategies. In order to serve the continued advancement of visual culture theAgency has become a multi-dimensional platform. Working with ephemeral artforms, progressive curatorial positions and collection expertise are core competencies.

theAgency. does not accept unsolicited material for exhibitions.