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Nooshin Farhid . Biography
born in Teheran, lives and works in London

Selected Solo Exhibtions

Red Leaves No Residue, Agency, Gallery 1 and 2, London

Shallow Water, Deep Skin, Agency Gallery, Gallery 1, London

Cones, Banner Repeater, London
Conic Trilogy, Beaconsfield, London
'Mrs Hodge[...]' , Project Room, Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam

Borderline,Solo show, E:vent Gallery, London
Solo Show, SPACE at The Triangle, London

SPACE at The Triangle, London

The Centre of Attention, London

Selected Group Exhibitions

Open Form, Art Athina, Athens, Greece
Chance - A Throw Of The Dice, Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds
New Players, New Roles, Hundred Years Gallery, London
This Fanciful Digression, Black Maria - Richard Wentworth, Granary Building, London
The Fourth Wall, CAN - Centre d'art Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Art Gwangju 2012, Gwangju, Korea with the Agency Gallery
Mise en abyme, Sazemanab Gallery, Tehran, Iran
Mise en abyme, Cité International des Arts, Paris
IM-PORT//EX-PORT, Kassel, a part of the Documenta XIII programs
Politics of Amnesia, Cafe Gallery, London
Marrakesh Biennale, Marrakesh, Morocco
Born in 1987: The Animated GIF, The Photographers' Gallery, The Wall, London
IkonoMenasa TV, Marrakesh Biennale TV Channel, Germany
Rooftop TV, Kassel, Germany

1st International Video Art Festival at Katara Art Center, Doha, Qatar
Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid, video library, La Gaîté lyrique, Paris
Gaming in Waziristan, Beaconsfield, London
The Pavement and the Beach, Paradise Row, London
On Becoming a Gallery, Angus-Hughes Gallery, London
Limited Access 3, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid, Centre Pompidou, Paris
Resonance Radio, ResoVision, Frieze Art Fair, London
Mostravideo, Experimental and Documentary films from 1997, Belo Horizonte & Curitiba, Brazil
Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid, Reina Sofia National Museum, Madrid
RHIZOMATIC, Departure Gallery, London
Trans Chaosmos Facility, The Wasp Room Nottingham

Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid, Théatre du Chatelet, Paris
Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid, Reina Sofia National Museum, Madrid
MERZDORF Merzbau, Royal College of Art, London
She Devil, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest
Do Something Different, The Barbican Centre, London
Passage_09, Universal Cube, Halle 14, Spinnerei, Leipzig

Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid, Nouveau Latina, Paris
videoist 2010, Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture, Kartal Culture Centre, Istanbul
If You Build It They Will Come, G39 Gallery, Cardiff
Art is my playground, Kucuk Ciftlik Amusement Park, Istanbul, Turkey
Do Something Different, Barbican Centre, London
Pure Screen, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
Video Relay, Nuzz Program Space, Kyoto Japan
Videoist2, Goethe Institut, Diyarbakir Art Centre, Kargart, Istanbul, Turkey
16th International Electronic Art Festival Laboratorio Arte Alamed, Mexico City
LOYAL_ROOFTOPS, Product festival 2008, Varna, Bulgaria
"passage_west_2008", KunstDoc, South Korea

Videoist, Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, Istanbul, Turkey
16th International Electronic Art Festival - SESC Videobrasil, São Paulo, Brazil
16th International Electronic Art Festival - on tour - Belo Horizonte, Brazil
LOYAL_ROOFTOPS_2007, Billboard Screening, Kassel, Germany
Middleastalentime, Adelaide Mercury Cinema,Adelaide, Australia
Fash N Riot, launch & screening, The Photographer's Gallery, London
13th Media City Film & Video Festival, Ontario, Canada

Merz. Magazin 4, Bregenz Kunstverien, Bregenz Austria
Use this kind of Sky (screening). Camden Arts Centre, London
She Devil , Studio Stefania Miscetti, Rome, Italy
"under.ctrl" . Forum Stadtpark, Graz, Austria
Conjunction 06 . Seven - Seven Contemporary, London
Middleastalentime. dLux Media Arts, Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia
Middleastalentime . The Moving Image Center, Auckland, NZ

To be continued... (Helsinki Photography Festival)
"In the Shadow of Fallen "Heroes" . Bishkek Kyrgyzstan
Use this kind of Sky . Redux Projects, London
Video Lounge . South London Gallery, London

Transformation . Toptasi Kulliyesi Uskudar, Istanbul, Turkey
Subject to Endless Gossip . Sparwasser HQ, Berlin
Whitstable Biennale . Herne Bay Museum and Gallery, Herne Bay
When in Rome lll . Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
Painting With Light . Café Gallery, London

REDUCED. Century Gallery, London
Video de Occasion . Antonio Tapies Foundation, Barcelona
Ten Second Film Festival . Manchester

Wait for Me . The London Institute Gallery Millbank, London
Blink . G39 Gallery, Cardiff

The Long Night of Audio, Video and Live Art . Umbrella, Cardiff
Resolutions . Luna International Gallery, Berlin
Nights In . Gasworks Gallery, London
Plastic Sheet . A. A. Silver Gallery, Tel Aviv

13th Rencontres Video Art Plastique . Normandy, France
Biennale de la Video. Piano Nobile , Geneva

Video Installation & Electronic Sound . ICA, London


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