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Loop Groove

Will Plowman and Kandehha

from 19:00, 22 Sept 2017

Cutting Edge Sounds live.
Co-curated by Jack Duplock and Bea Gassmann de Sousa.

Will Plowman (A Future Without), Composer, performer, producer and label MD. From the origins of a bassist Will Plowman has developed and diversified his sound, experimenting with electronic instrumentation, composition and soundscapes. His work is essentially about capturing a moment in time and portraying that moment to the listener, heightening their senses and immersing them in a sonic state. He was featured on ‘The Wire’ Magazines ‘Wire Tapper 38’ CD series.

Kandehha is a new electronic music duo from Belfast, Northern Ireland fusing field recordings, atmospheric synths and audiovisual art. Their sound comes from a combination of ambient/post-rock atmosphere, sound art, field recording techniques and techno/electronic music grooves. Kandehha is a collaboration between Koichi and Helena Hamilton.

Helena Hamilton is an artist who works, both visually and sonically through a variety of media, including sound, live drawing, installation, performance, and interactive digital. Hamilton programmes and builds software and hardware constructions that create physical and sonic immersive environments via interaction, exploring the physicality of the sonic within and around each device she hacks or adapts.

Koichi Samuels (Soma Records + Planet Rythm ) is a music researcher, producer, DJ and promoter of electronic music based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. His techniques and tastes stem from a background as diverse as London warehouse parties, Belfast techno scene, experimental music and noise. Koichi has released solo work on Soma Records, Planet Rhythm and Animal Farm Records and is one half of the duo Spires with Phil Kieran.