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Giles Eldridge and Maria Fusco, Installation View , Gimpel Fils Gallery 2, 2011
the text by Maria Fusco was placed underneath each piece of work as a title _______________________________________________________________

It's our

You see me here

When I was

Plucked me from

It's our

He will waver when the time

The one who will

She almost

Suffice to say, their work had already been

They're richer

Softening his jaw

We shouldn't have slipped

Five of them. Yes, compressed


Poor it is: this mass,

Poor it is: this horizon,

Poor it is: this bustle,

Poor it is: this plunge,

Poor it is: this devotion,

Poor it is.



Reveille. Every morning, except this one.




As a spillage of ink on something precious -










Maria Fusco, 2011