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Works and Projects

Vassili Balatsos, Solo Exhibition (Jan 2012)
in co-operation with The Apartment Gallery, Athens

Deepa Chudasama, Chandrighar Loop (Dec 2011)

Doris Day , A Project of Anxiety ( Feb/March 2012)

Field Broadcast, Rebecca Birch and Rob Smith

Emma Hart & Melanie Stidolph, Running and Standing (Jan 2010)

Giles Eldridge and Maria Fusco,Black, with Gimpel Fils Gallery 2 ( Feb 2011)

Anthony Gross ( June 2011)

Rob Smith , Windscale/Scanner/ Other

Sadie Murdoch, Solo Exhibtion (Sept 2011)
in co-operation with The Apartment Gallery, Athens


Works by :

Simon Faithfull

Ludovica Gioscia

Jonsi and Alex







In 2010 in response to the growing importance of sound art an purely or collaboratively and as part of the continuous commitment to experimental art forms, theAgency gallery began programming sound art as event based performance. This expanded into the sound exhibition Code of Contingency, featuring LA based artist Luke Fischbeck from Lucky Dragons, Finnish artist Jan Anderszen and Londoners Tom Richards and the collective of Call and Response, curated by Sarah Jury (London) and Lisa Baldini (New York). Currently the Agency is co-programming external sound events with Milton Keynes Gallery as part of Scratch Nights, including artists and writers on sound such as Jo Thomas, Clare Gasson, Salome Voegelin, Sculpture. The programme of sound events will continue throughout 2012.

Code of Contingency: curated by Lisa Baldini and Sarah Jury with Tom Richards, Call and Response,
Lucky Dragons and aand Tomuntonttu ( Jan Anderszen)

Tom Richards, Adapted DJPerformance with Polyrhythmic Sequencer and Hand Cut Vinyls 2010

Simin Schaefer, Welten Bauen, Circuit breaking live performance 28 Oct 2011

Karen Tang,Moon Miner (with midnight orange) / Scopodrome 2010




Lisa Baldini

Charles Danby

Maria Fusco

Francesco Pedraglio